On Fri, 2009-07-17 at 19:25 -0400, Dmitri Pal wrote:
> I started to cleanup the unit tests from the type cust around NULL and
> found several problems that I had to address:
> 1) The choice of the "." as a search separator
> turned out to be a poor choice.
> The problem was that the file name has "."
> and INI was relaying on files to be used as
> property names.
> I corrected that part in the INI but after discussion
> with Simo we decided to switch from "." to "!"
> as special symbol anyways.
> 2) Found that the property rename was not
> reinitializing the hash. Corrected.
> Added ticket to add unit tests around it (#83).

This fixes a fatal error at sssd startup.

tested and pushed.


Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York

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