Martin Nagy wrote:
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Martin Nagy wrote:
Patches are attached. Now we also provide an option --setup-dns to
ipa-replica-install that will set up BIND, but will only create the
zone if it didn't exist before. One patch also introduces reverse
zone, which we didn't have before.


A couple of questions.

So when installing a replica a bind instance isn't required? In other words, you could have a mixed environment where some IPA servers do
DNS and others don't?

Looks like the reverse_host and reverse_subnet code you are adding to won't work on IPv6.

I took a look at the code in ipa-server-install and it seems that it
doesn't have to work on IPv6. If you look on resolve_host() in there
(and I practically copied almost the same code for
ipa-replica-install), you'll notice that it uses the
socket.gethostbyname() function. This function, according to [1] does
not support IPv6.

We probably should think about reworking the code to support IPv6 and
ideally also test it. But at least for now, I think the code for zones
is good enough, given that we don't support IPv6.



Ok, ack then.


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