Hi Stephen, hola everyone,

> Miguel, we currently have https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/90 open
> against build issues with the current HEAD revision of the git repository.
> Do you have any other known issues with the HEAD revision? One of my
> goals is to have builds functional on Karmic as of SSSD 0.5.0 (exact
> release as yet determined, but hopefully soon)

I'm working with a computer that is not my usual "build computer" so I'm
trying to get all I need installed and give it a try.
Now I'm on holidays so I'm spending as little time on anything that
makes me think as possible. (I need a break, you know!).
Anyway, I'm finding time to finish some little things left from work
this week, as next two I won't have internet access. 
I'll try to give you a bit of a report on how sssd builds on Karmic B4
friday (... if possible). 

BTW I'll use SSSD HEAD and Karmic with the latest updates. Is that OK?


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