Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:
0001: Enable attribute re-mapping and ordering when printing entries.

Also print multiple values on one line separated by commas.

Ok, though we'll have to see what that looks like on very large values.

One thing I'm thinking is memberOf. In v1 when showing a user you'd also get the list of groups they are a member of. All one one line would be really hard to grok.

Actually I made the change because of attributes like 'member' and 'memberOf'. For 100 users in a groups, we had a 100 lines of output. On the other hand, if the users don't fit on one line, the output isn't very nice. Anyway I made another patch that improves this - it word wraps and indents the values like this:

Password policy
  maximum lifetime (in days): 90
  minimum lifetime (in hours): 1
  history size: 0
  minimum number of characters classes: 0
  minimum length: 8
  test: a, a, aa, aaa, aaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaa, aaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa,
        aaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa,
        aaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Since this patch was already pushed, I'll submit the improvement in a separate 

0002: Prevent double encoding/decoding when processing compound types.


0003: Fix bug in _get_syntax (it was always returning None).

Also prevent a few cases of double processing of arguments.


0004: All-around improvements to classes.

- attribute re-mapping, ordering and hiding
  (Enables plugins to completely hide LDAP internals from users
   and full localization of command output.)
- translation of member DNs into object names
  (No more DNs when listing group members etc.)
- support for "singleton" LDAP objects
  (Objects like "pwpolicy"; not accessed by primary key.)
- new base classes for commands: LDAPModMember, LDAPAddMember
  and LDAPRemoveMember
  (Providing support for objects with 'member'-like attributes.)
- LDAPSearch implicit exit code changed to 1 when nothing is found

Why the switch to ONELEVEL as the scope? Otherwise looks ok.
I don't remember the situation exactly, but I had the parent (container) entry returned by some search commands. Normally, it should never happen since the search filter includes object classes, but I accidentally left it there and it doesn't hurt anything (at least for now).



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