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On 08/06/2009 05:53 AM, Simo Sorce wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-08-05 at 18:25 -0400, Dmitri Pal wrote:
>> Jakub Hrozek wrote:
>>> The attached patch addresses ticket #84.
>>> The implementation is unfortunately Linux-specific as it uses the
>>> prctl(2) syscall. Ideas how to accomplish this in a cross-platform
>>> manner are welcome.
>>>     Jakub
>> How do we fork processes?
>> If we just fork and do not daemonize then children should just die
>> (system sends sigterm to children AFAIR) when the parent process exits.
>> At least that is what used to happen in old days on Solaris, HP and AIX.
>> If we fork and then make the process a new process group leader by using
>> setpgrp() then it terns into a service. It PPID becomes 1 (AFAIR - have
>> done it many years ago).
>> If our children are independent processes there is no good way other
>> than pass in the IP of the parent at the initialization and periodically
>> check if the process is still around and its start time is before child's.
>> If the problem we are trying to solve is to exit back ends when monitor
>> dies we should either keep the children as members of the same group or
>> use the periodic check approach.
> I have to say I am a bit surprised about this patch too.
> Last time I put my hands on it we were using process groups exactly so
> that when monitor is killed all other process die as well. In my
> experience this works fine in master. In what cases do this fail ?
> Simo.
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In the event that the monitor segfaults or is killed with SIGKILL, it
terminates immediately and does not signal the children to exit. That is
what this is meant to address.

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