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On Fri, 2009-09-04 at 09:50 +1000, David O'Brien wrote:
Martin Nagy wrote:
This patch adds options --forwarder and --no-forwarders. At least one of
them must be used if you are doing a setup with DNS server. They are
also mutually exclusive. The --forwarder option can be used more than
once to specify more servers. If the installer runs in interactive mode,
it will prompt the user if none of these option was given at the command


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Something like ipa-server-install --setup-dns --forwarder <IP> --forwarder <IP> ?
You can't use a separated list of IP addresses to save space and typing?

That may go against coding style or practice, I don't know...

/me has user hat on  :-)

Hm, well, we use a python module to handle option parsing [1] and this
is the way it handles lists. We could allow the IP addresses to be
separated by, say, ',' but this also has the risk that the user will do
"--forwarder," which of course wouldn't work (the last
IP is treated as a positional argument).



ok, well if it's SOP to handle options this way I'm not about to suggest otherwise[1], but if there were a user-friendly way of doing it that didn't bend or break any rules I'd make more noise.


[1] One of the goals in ECS' style guide is to adhere as much as possible to industry standards and standard practice, not invent new ones that Red Hat likes better.

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