Pavel Zůna wrote:
0007: Add support for different automount maps per location.

This patch enabled us to have a different set of automount maps per location and to manage those locations via command plugins.

To add a new location:

ipa automountlocation-add Brno

To add a map to this location:

ipa automountmap-add Brno foo

To add a key to this map:

ipa automountkey-add Brno foomap barkey

0008: Remove parent_key parameter kwarg.
I bundled this patch here, because parent_key was only used in the automount plugin. If patch 0007 gets acked, this can get acked too.

parent_key won't be used anymore, instead parent_object is used in LDAPObject to define this kind of relation.


I'm still not convinced that this should be done as separate classes but I'm not going to hold things up for now (I think this may be problematic in the GUI).

Ack for both and pushed to master.


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