Pavel Zuna wrote:
Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zuna wrote:
Sumit noticed, that the HBAC plugin didn't make it into the tree and the patch got lost in the depths of freeipa-devel.

I reworked the plugin to meet the current standards and changed GeneraliSedTime to GeneraliZedTime. For now, I put the new parameter type into a separate file in ipalib/plugins/ When it's tested enough, we're going to move it to ipalib/

The patch also modifies bootstrap-template.ldif to create a cn=hbac container after installing IPA.


Shouldn't GeneralizedTime be in ipalib?

I think GeneralizedTime should have some unit tests, same for hbac.


- Now includes extensive unit test for HBAC plugin.
- GeneralizedTime was moved to ipalib/parameters.
- Minor updated to HBAC plugin, mostly esthetics.


pushed to master.

It would be nice if GeneralizedTime had its own unit tests but I don't want that to hold up this patch.


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