Dmitri Pal wrote:
Jason Gerard DeRose wrote:
Okay, finally here is the revised webui patch.  Since the last version,

 * Ported to various API changed between wehjit 0.0.1 and 0.1.0

 * Removed the stuff, which will be in a separate patch

 * Added the plugin browser to help developers inspect the plugins

The webui is still in a similar "dumb" state till I extend various
meta-data in ipalib, which I will work on this week and will quickly get
the UI into a more impressive state.  I just can't let this patch get
any larger... stop the madness!  ;)  There currently isn't a top-level
webui-page at /ipa/ui, but pages exist for each command plugin,
i.e., /ipa/ui/user_add

This patch is big, but tries to be non-intrusive: the new webui stuff
only runs from the new script, not for the installed
version running under Apache.  As far as I know, no existing
functionality is disrupted by this patch.  After making the meta-data
changes, I will enable the new functionality under Apache also.

I hope everyone will find the plugin-browser quite helpful.  To run it,
launch like this:


And then point your browser to:

All plugins in all namespaces are available in the browser, but details
are currently only available for the Command and Object namespaces.  I
will also soon add an easy way to render the plugin browser to static
pages to put on

This patch requires python-wehjit and python-assets, which are in
Fedora12 and rawhide.  Or you can install from tarballs here:

A couple of weekends ago I also packaged assets and wehjit for
Debian/Ubuntu.  Karmic packages are available in my PPA:

Sorry the patch is so large, subsequent ones wont be.


The patch removes 4300 lines and adds 1000. Is this correct or we are
missing something?

The majority of that 4300 is a single file, mootools-core.js. I'm guessing he is planning to use a different javascript toolkit.


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