John Dennis wrote:
On 10/13/2009 02:25 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
John Dennis wrote:
Is there a reason why the run command ( does
not log what command it's running? It logs the stdout and stderr
output of the command (but without indicating what the log output is,
so a lot of time it just shows up as a blank line if there was no
output). Shouldn't it do something like this:"args=%s" % " ".join(args))"stdout=%s" % stdout)"stderr=%s" % stderr)

instead of:

Without knowing what was run and what it's arguments were the stdout
and stderr messages are almost useless.

Guess it never came up before. Seems to make sense to be more explicit.

Well, it occurred to me that one reason might be because the command might contain sensitive information such as passwords. I did notice that some code will do a logging.debug(args) before calling, it's not clear to me why this pattern exists.

Also, for some reason with ipa-server-install *no* debug messages are appearing even though standard_logging_setup() is being called which sets the log level to debug. I'm investigating the reason now (perhaps using the wrong logger instance?)

If I were to guess I'd look at ipalib, I think it creates its own loggers. Perhaps it is redirecting them.


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