Pavel Zuna wrote:
And here's the actual patch. :)

Pavel Zuna wrote:
This should fix the issue:

Rob Crittenden wrote:
Michael Gregg wrote:

Rob, did the support for posix groups change?

If I create a group specifying "--posix" the cli does create the group.
Then, using ipa group-find, I do not see any way to determine if that group is a posixgroup or not.
group-find -all used to reveal a PosixGroup field.

How do I determine if a group is a posix group or not?


Ok, I suppose I could have looked at this before firing off an e-mail :-)

I do see the group number when showing a group:

$ ./ipa group-show g9
Group: g9
  name: g9
  description: test posix group
  group id: 1117

But when adding it this doesn't appear. Oddly enough we show the ipquniqueid when adding a group but not when showing it!

Pavel, do you have time to investigate this inconsistency?



I'm not sure how this addresses the issue that when adding a group different values are returned than when you show one.

This also causes a whole ton of tests to fail. I think in baseldap.oy instead of:

if options['all']:

You want:

if options.get('all', False):


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