On 11/20/2009 02:50 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
John Dennis wrote:
- raise errors.NotImplementedError('%s.check_request_status' % self.name)
+ raise NotImplementedError('%s.check_request_status' % self.name)

This will go to the client as an Internal Error. Is this what we want?

I must've forgotten to include errors.py when I created the original
patch for this. I created a new error class for this but it is lost now.

Good question, FWIW it seems like all the other uses of NotImplemented use the built-in exception rather one derived from PublicError.

In a way I could imagine this is actually an internal error however it would really result from misconfiguration of the server. I think having it be an internal error is O.K. but I don't have strong feelings either way.

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