On Wed, 2009-11-25 at 12:05 -0500, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> This is purely from reading the patch, I haven't applied and tested it yet.
> ipalib/output.py:
> +primary_key = Output('primary_key', unicode,
> +    'The primary key of the deleted entry'
> +)
> This isn't only for deleted entries, right?

Ah, yeah, that should be made more generic.  This doc message is only
used by developers, though.

> This import doesn't seem to be used:
> from inspect import getdoc
> What is dont_output_for_cli()? Is this an effort to make things work 
> while we're in transition?

Yeah, I just renamed some methods so we can reference how they were
implemented.  Temporary.

> You seem to have disabled the raw option in LDAPSearch, was that 
> intentional?

Originally I got the impression we weren't going to keep both --raw and
--all, but this can be changed.

> Is cli_name being dropped for label? I'm ok with that but should we 
> remove it from all the plugins?

No, here is how they work:

`cli_name` is used for the optparse names and defaults to Param.name,


`label` is a human readable, translatable string.  It's used in the
webUI, and to prompt show entries on cli, like:

  First name: John Doe

`doc` is human readable help passed to optparse.make_option(help=doc).
It default to the value of the label.  It's used like this:

  --uid=INT        UID (use this option to set it manually)

In the above case the `label` is "UID" (not shown) but the `doc` is this
longer string.

The user plugins provide good examples of how I think these should be

I'll submit a patch later documented these different string uses.

> rob

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