Pavel Zuna wrote:
ldap2._generate_modlist now uses more sophisticated means to decide when to use MOD_ADD+MOD_DELETE instead of MOD_REPLACE. Before it did MOD_REPLACE only on attributes explicitly specified in ldap2._FORCE_REPLACE_ON_UPDATE_ATTRS. Now it does MOD_REPLACE for all single value attributes and never for multi value.

This patch also silently fixes a bug: ldap2 didn't check for the existence of attributes that were being deleted by setting them to None.


I still need to try this patch out but I came up with a few questions.

Is schema something that needs to be passed in? This needs to be a python-ldap Schema object, right? Should that be enforced?

Will this blow up if the call to self.schema.get_obj(_ldap.schema.AttributeType, k) fails?

As an aside, not related to this patch, I noticed that debug_level defaults to 255 which seems wrong. It isn't a problem because this argument isn't used at all.


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