When you check out an IPA tree apparently you get the kitchen sink. I need to figure out what is deprecated in the tree and what is supposed to be "in use installed code".

According to Jason everything under ipapython is deprecated right?

Is everything under ipaserver/install deprecated too?

Is everything under ipaclient deprecated too?

Working on the assumption nothing should be importing from ipapython I did a little search.

Under ipaserver the only imports for ipapython are in the ipaserver/install directory, which is o.k. because install is deprecated.

EXCEPT for ipaserver/plugins/dogtag.py which imports nsslib from ipapython.

We seem to have some problems with ipalib importing from ipapython:

rpc.py: from ipapython import ipautil
rpc.py:     from ipapython.ipasslfile import SSLFile
rpc.py:     from ipapython.ipasslfile import FakeSocket
./plugins/cert.py:      from ipapython import dnsclient
./rpc.py:       from ipapython import ipautil
./rpc.py:           from ipapython.ipasslfile import SSLFile
./rpc.py:           from ipapython.ipasslfile import FakeSocket

We seem to have some problems with ipaclient importing from ipapython but since ipaclient is deprecated (right?) that's not a problem, right?

If ipapython and ipaclient are deprecated why are we still building the ipa-python and ipa-client rpms?

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