John Dennis wrote:
Thanks Rob, a couple more questions:

According to Jason everything under ipapython is deprecated right?


Is everything under ipaserver/install deprecated too?

No. This is the server installer code.

Earlier today Jason said this:

"the legacy code from v1 (ipapython, the installer) and the new plugable v2 code (ipalib, ipaserver)"

Then what did Jason mean when he used the term "legacy"? I took that to mean deprecated, or did he mean it's just older vintage?

I think he meant "from v1". Huge gobs of code was completely dropped when we transitioned.

Under ipaserver the only imports for ipapython are in the
ipaserver/install directory, which is o.k. because install is deprecated.

No, this is where we put common code that is not part of the framework.

ipapython is sort of common client/server code that lives outside the
management framework that Jason did (ipalib).

O.K. I'm still confused :-) Above you state ipaserver/install *and* ipapython is where common code outside the framework belongs. Is there a fine distinction being drawn between the two import areas such that they can't live together?

No ipaserver/install is the server installer, ipapython is the client/server/installer common code.

Can you define the term "framework"?

It basically equates to the client/server model for the plugin system. It supports JSON and XML-RPC (though the later is what we mostly use).

The core of this is in ipalib. Plugins shared between the client and server are in ipalib/plugins. Things that are server-specific are found in ipaserver. ipaserver/install is used only during installation.


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