John Dennis wrote:
There are 2 patches attached which add internationalized message
catalog support (l10n, i.e. localization). The patch was split into 2
pieces for easier review. The first patch contains only the
modifications to build components and the new framework. The second
patch adds all the translation files which really don't need review
because they're generated files but must be kept in our source code
repository for translators to update.

The primary patch has two major changes:

* modification of our existing build mechanism

* a new directory install/po which contains the l10n framework and
  translation catalogs.

The first major change to the build mechanism was replacing the script. I had discovered it was buggy, in particular it's
logic for comparing the version of tools was flawed (used just string
comparison so it thought version 7 of a tool was newer than version
11). Also there didn't seem to be a reason for this script since the
autoregen tool is the preferred mechanism to bootstrap an autotools
build. Older OS's do not have autoregen but We only need to bootstrap
when we generate a distribution which can always be done on a current
Fedora system.

The second part of the changes to the build mechanism were the
necessary modifications to build the l10n components.

* edit to add the new subdir to descent into

* Add new files to generate to

* Add new macros to to find the gettext tools and set the
  message catalog name.

* Edit the spec file to add a build dependency on gettext and add the
  translation files.

Then add the l10n framework in install/po. There is a README there you
might want to peruse. The initial set of languages we'll provide
translations for is in the install/po/LINGUAS file. The set of files
to scan for translatable strings is in install/po/, we'll
need to manually update this file when we add or remove source files
containing translatable strings.

We provide one message catalog for all strings in IPA. Message
catalogs are referred to as "domains". This means we have just one
domain for IPA and it's installed under the name "ipa". The message
catalogs are not partitioned by rpm component. The message catalogs
are provided in the ipapython rpm which all other rpms depend on.

Please note, there is now a build dependency on gettext, most you
should already have this package installed.

This patch does alter the way the build runs and it's possible it
might introduce a build failure. I have tested builds in clean trees
on F12 and did not have any problems. I wanted to do a scratch build
for Fedora just to bullet proof but I couldn't figure out how to do
it. I'll of course fix any build issue which might arise that I didn't
catch earlier.

Jason and I did discuss adding a "test" language to test translations
in our test framework. This patch does not include that, but it's not
hard to add once this patch is in place.


We discussed in IRC whether we should include the untranslated po files or not. The sssd project only ships those that are already translated, I'm wondering if we should take a simliar approach.

One advantage is we could quickly see what translations (or partial translations) we have by merely seeing what po files there are. Otherwise I guess we'd have to look in each one to be able to tell.

It otherwise applies and builds fine, I don't otherwise see any problems with this patch.


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