Jason Gerard DeRose wrote:
This patch gets (almost) all the XML-RPC tests working again under
Fedora12.  Some may not pass under Fedora11 due to 389 schema changes,
but Fedora12 should be our primary test target at this point, IHMO.
Does anyone disagree?

3 cert tests still fail, but I'm not familiar enough with the cert
plugins to confidently decide whether the tests need to be updated or
whether something is broken.  Rob or John, could you take a look at
these when you get a chance?

We really need to get strict about patches with regard to tests.  If a
patch breaks a test, the test needs to be updated in that same patch (or
if the test is correct, the code needs to be updated).  If a patch
introduces new functionality, it must be accompanied by tests.

Rob and Pavel, I'm looking at you.  If tests no passy, no acky-acky.  ;)

I know I've been at fault too, but I've already scolded myself off-list.

I'd rather you simply remove the extra attributes rather than commenting them out. If we aren't going to be providing them to the end-user we should eliminate them from the tests as well.

But there seems to be a deeper problem here, the question is: why aren't these attributes appearing?

In the case of 'l' or 'localityname' it seems to be a bug. It is in the default_attributes list in the host plugin but it isn't being returned by host_show().

I also wonder if we really should be returning uidnumber and gidnumber, they seem kinda handy. IIRC I based the output of the v1 ipa-finduser on finger which doesn't include these values.

So nack for now until we can figure out what is going on under the hood.


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