On 02/02/2010 10:56 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Move the dogtag HTTP and HTTPS request functions to a common library to
remove duplication.

I'm next planning on moving the XML parsing code into ipapython/dogtag
because that is needed by the installer as well to identify errors. This
is going to be quite a bit messier I think.

There are a couple of minor things which need cleaning up.

The new functions https_request and http_request are not general request mechanisms because the request type is hardcoded to POST and the headers are hardcoded as well. We need to either change the names to https_post and http_post -or- add parameters specifying the request type and headers. POST is specialized enough and called often enough I think the first option is best, just rename the function to what it actually is, a post request.

The logging statements still refer to the old function names, they should be updated to match the name of the function.

If all you do is just edit the names I don't think you need to repost the patch, I'll ACK it now.

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