Jason Gerard DeRose wrote:
I lied one, more.

Rob, I see you changed how the log level on the root logger is set in
API.bootstrap()... unfortunately, under the server and CLI, the result
is that the root logger always stays at its default level of
logging.WARNING, so none of our info() nor debug() messages are going
into the server log nor out to stderr (even with --debug).

Hmm, I must've misread the logging code. I was sure it defaulted to NOTSET.

My solution is to unconditionally set the root logger to logging.DEBUG,
the most verbose we use, and then configure the levels on individual
handlers as appropriate (which we already do).

Rob, I know you make this change because of problems with logging from
the installer, so can you see if still works the way you want it to with
this patch?  By the way, are you setting up your own logging handler in
the installer, or using the ones configured in API.bootstrap()?

Yes, we set up a file logger. I wonder if there is a better way to detect if there is a root logger configured so we can avoid twiddling with the log level in api.bootstrap().

Anyway, we really shouldn't release our alpha with broken logging.  Not
nice to our brave and helpful testers.  ;)

Yup. I'll give it a test but I'm not sure forcing DEBUG is going to be the best way to deal with this.


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