John Dennis wrote:
Resending modified patch. I discovered the original patch had a minor bug which might leave temporary files in the directory. Please use this patch instead.

On 02/20/2010 11:15 AM, John Dennis wrote:
Formerly running 'make update-pot' would write an insignificantly
different pot file even if the msgid's xgettext found were unmodfied.
Now the result of running xgettext is compared to the existing
pot file after adjusting for things like timestamps, and only
copies the result of xgettext to the new pot file if there
were differences.

This will help eliminate git commits on the pot file if all one
did was see if the pot file was up to date, if it was up to date
git won't see any modifications. It used to be that timestamps
would be different in the pot file just by virtue of checking
if the pot file was current.


Ack, pushed this updated patch.

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