John Dennis wrote:
On 03/04/2010 03:08 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
John Dennis wrote:
[Note: same patch as earlier but rebased]

Traverse the objects passed to JSON for encoding and decoding.
When binary data is seen during encode replace the binary
data with a dict {'__base64__' : base64_encoding_of_binary_value}.

On decode if a dict is seen whose single key is '__base64__' replace
that dict with the base64 decoded value of the key's value.

This works in that the UI no longer crashes but the certificate is show
thusly in the UI:

Certificate [object Object]

I know we talked about moving to storing certs as PEM which should fix
this problem at some point but is this an acceptable interim solution?
Or do we want to just leave base64-encoded objects encoded?


The patch was to fix the JSON transport traceback. It wasn't meant to address how binary data was rendered in the UI. You're right this needs to be addressed (but not by this patch).

You can add this to my list of tasks.

Works for me. This definitely is a step forward.

ack, pushed to master

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