Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:
This patch fixes Command.output_for_cli for the env plugin. Before we assumed, that a list/tuple is always a list of entries and a dict is always an entry.

Still, this solution isn't perfect. I think, that in the future, we should allow Output subclasses to control the way we output values instead of doing type-based output in Command.output_for_cli.

Before anyone asks... :)

I also changed the default value of the print_all argument in textui.print_entry from False to True. It think it makes more sense this way, because:
1) if order is None, it will still print something
2) if order is not None, it will print what's in order first and then the rest 3) commands that care about the print_all argument have to set it in any case, those that don't care usually want to print everything

Why not set the default for print_all in print_entries() to True as well?
That's just a mistake I made. Fixed.

Seems like this reasoning should be documented in the function as well. Particularly how print_all gets handled when one returns Entries or a ListOfEntries vs just returning a dict/tuple (where --all controls whether everything is printed in the former and defaults to everything in the later assuming print_entries also ends up defaulting to True).
Added docstring for Command.output_for_cli and also updated the docstring for Command.get_options with info about --all/--raw.


New patch attached.


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