Pavel Zůna wrote:
On 4/13/2010 10:51 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zuna wrote:
The DNS plugin is getting old, tired and already looking forward to his
pension in the Carribean. It will be replaced soon by a younger, faster,
safer, shorter (in terms of code) and more maintainable version.
Until that happens, here's some medicine for the old guy:

- proper output definitions: the DNS plugin was created before we
had the has_output attribute in place

- --all: this is related to the output definitions as
Command.get_options() adds the --all and --raw options automatically
if has_output contains entries

- dns-add-rr overwritting: missing .lower() caused records to be
overwritten every time a new one was added from the CLI


This looks ok but I wonder why you are defining your own Output
definition instead of using the standard? The only difference seems to
be that your custom one doesn't have a summary.

Because the standard output definitions with entries make Command plugins automatically add the --all and --raw options. dns-*-rr commands aren't comfortable with it.

Can you be more specific? What doesn't work?


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