Pavel Zůna wrote:
I noticed a few bugs when DNS was reinstalling:

- Service.move_service returned None, because the service entry was already in the right place - BindInstance didn't expect that.

- We were passing a unicode string to python-ldap although we know it hates that.

- We were catching all exception alike when modifying the "dnsserver" role group. It's no longer an error if the DNS principal is already present.

I think Martin has some work in progess on the file, so please don't push until he acks it. He might want to included these changes in his own patch. I had to fix these to test my own code in the installer and posted the patch to point out the bugs.

Interesting. Do we want to support re-installing the DNS server? Or should we catch it and exit? Not crashing is definitely a good way to start though :-)


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