Pavel Zůna wrote:
On 2010-05-10 15:44, Pavel Zuna wrote:
EmptyModlist exception was generated by pwpolicy2-mod when modifying
policy priority only. It was because the priority attribute is stored
outside of the policy entry (in a CoS entry) and there was nothing left
to be changed in the policy entry.

This patch uses the new exception callbacks in classes
(introduced in my recent patch no. 0004) to catch the EmptyModlist
exception and checks if there was really nothing to be modified before
reraising the exception.


Improved version attached:
- there a bug that Rob pointed out in another thread - exceptions other than EmptyModlist were suppressed unintentionally - the GLOBAL password policy was always displayed in searches using pwpolicy2-find, now it's only displayed if searching without criteria


Yup, working nicely. Ack, pushed to master.


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