On 08/05/2010 12:00 PM, Adam Young wrote:
On 08/03/2010 01:53 PM, Adam Young wrote:
Proposal to reset master branch to last known good commit prior to the merge of the web UI code.

Since the push on Friday complicates the source tree unnecessarily, making it difficult to track actual change4s done as well as to reproduce the current state of the tree, I propose the following.

The current master branch gets tagged as webui-details on commit 47d4fcdd8178ec4b8403efa4f80eaa009c32d78b

We then reset the HEAD of master to commit d4adbc8052faf18fb31e7b1865037aa107067d4b

(Add container and initial ACIs for entitlement support)

The impact would be minimal: it would only affect active developers that have pulled from the FreeeIPA git repo since the push happened. Since there has been a reversing commit on top of that, any code that they have should rebase equally well on top of either branch, since the code they expose is identical.

Here are the git commands that would be executed on the repository. This would be run on the server where the git repo is hosted in order to have the desired effect, so they would be manipulating local branches, not remote.

git  --git-dir=$REPODIR   branch -m master webui-details
git --git-dir=$REPODIR branch master d4adbc8052faf18fb31e7b1865037aa107067d4b

This has been executed. Please do a git fetch from origin in order to see the result.

Any local branches that had previously been set up to track origin/master should now show that they have 200+ commits more than master. My suggestion is to rename these branches to old master using the commands (these assume the old local branch was named master):

git fetch origin
git checkout master
git branch -m oldmaster
git branch --track master origin/master

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