Pavel Zuna wrote:
What it means?
Well, first I removed some development control variables from ipa.js.
Namely useSampleData and sizelimit. I moved useSampleData to the top
of index.xhtml. This way we won't forget about it when we don't need
it anymore. sizelimit has nothing to do in ipa.js and be hardcoded
for ALL commands! Some don't have this parameter and could fail.

Since ipa_init now loads meta-data over JSON-RPC, we need to wait for
it to finish its job. That's why I put a second parameter to ipa_init:
on_win. ipa_init will call on_win when all data is loaded properly and
we can start building the page.


The thing about the limit is things are going to change on the backend so that the default isn't in the param but pulled from LDAP at some point. Not sure that makes a difference here.

I guess this relies on your patch #11?

Otherwise this looks ok, ack.


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