Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zůna wrote:
The web UI should now be available through the lite-server. For security
purposes only files under install/static ending with extensions listed
in lite-server:WebUIApp.EXTENSION_TO_MIME_MAP dict are served.


nack. This does seem to somewhat serve the UI through the lite server
but it isn't quite functional.

It should probably have a redirect from / to /ipa/ui/index.html, and
perhaps look for index.xhtml if given a directory URI.

In any case, the best I was able to get was the title bar to display
along with the word Edit.

For this patch to work it requires "Fix script tags in index.xhtml. End tag is required." which is acked but not pushed.

With that patch I was able to see the UI. I still think it should be a bit friendlier about redirecting to the actual UI but that can come later.



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