First off: I know I promised this patch yesterday, but I just didn't make it - I felt asleep on the keyboard and there were still some things to fix. :)

This patch has some of the most important things, that we discussed on Tuesday last week, namely:

- Add/Remove links are now only available for multivalue
  attributes (Param.multivalue = true) and attributes with param
  types, that are multivalue by definition (as of now only List).
  Single-value attributes with no value are displayed as empty
  input elements.
- When updating an attribute, leading and trailing spaces are
- Context help available in the form of hints, that are extracted
  form Param.hint.

I know there was more, but the rest of it is related to specific attribute (it doesn't affect details pages for all objects) and will be in another patch.

Most of this won't show at the moment, because meta-data is still missing for a lot of attributes, that we display in the webUI.

For testing on the user page, you can add the title attribute to takes_params in the user class, e.g.:

takes_params = (
    hint=_('Enter job or academic title.'),
    multivalue=true, # just to test the multivalue functionality
# ...

For testing in using the lite-server, I suggest you modify install/static/sampledata/metadata.js.

By the way, the patch modifies details.js and ipa.css, so it should go smoothly with Adam's patch n.0015.


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