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> I've updated the page.  Bascially, I took the python coding standards 
> and aaplied them to our code.  THis seems to be the path of least 
> resistance.
> People used to Camel case will have to get used to underscores
> People used to putting underscores before private variables will go 
> through withdrawal
> There is something here for everyone to learn.
> Please review and provide feedback.
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/wiki/Javascript_Coding_Standards

The examples of "More than one space around an assignment (or other)
operator to align it with another. " are undistinguishable from each
other, I guess using <pre></pre> in the markup around examples would be
useful :-)

I am not sure about:
    Between a function declaration and the opening brace:

        yes: function(){...} no: function() {...}

In C code we have a policy of never opening the brace on the function
declaration line, ie:
        function(arg) {
is bad while we recommend

Does this work for javascript ?

We also forbid putting more than one statement on the same line, but I
saw examples where you did do_one() do_two() do_three() on the same
line after a parens close ... was that intended or is it a
wiki formatting issue ?

We also banned C++ style comments in C code, /* */ is preferred and
should never be added on the same line of code but only on the previous

The rest seems reasonable to me.


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