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ACK, but change the Column heading to Quick Links first
OK, fixed. Thanks.

Endi S. Dewata

I've pushed my version of Pavel's patch to my Fedora people repo: THe branch is called tabs-modal and the patch is commit de85ed06855a2a5b17b4d80bae9445eb3fec6275. Note that I havea bunch of other work in that branch as well, but it should not affect you, and you don't want those commits.

Please fetch this, cherry pick just that commit, and then add your commit on top of it, and push to a branch your repo. We'll start to craft the end state of the patch as a group.

I expect to see an updated patch from Pavel shortly, with the JQuery assets in it. Once we get that, we can rebase our work on top of that patch and the one he sent out earlier today.

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