JR Aquino wrote:
Attached are the plugins for creating:

* IPA Sudo Commands
* IPA Sudo Command Groups
* IPA Sudo Rules

Also included are the accompanying test suites, container pointers, and 
tests/test_xmlrpc/objectclasses.py definitions.

A very good first try, just needs a little more work.

You need to create the 3 containers in install/share/bootstrap-template.ldif so they get created when a server is installed.

In sudocmd.py you need to:
- remove imports for Flag, Bytes and base64
- Don't define a pre_callback if it isn't doing any work

In sudocmdgroup.py you need to:
- Fix the doc example at the top. It starts with sudocmdgroup examples then switches to group examples.
- Drop the Int import

In sudorule.py you need to:
- Drop AccessTime and Password from imports
- Should membercmd_sudocmd use the label "Sudo Commands" to be consistent with Sudo Group Commands? - I'm not entirely sure what you are doing with cn in the dn, can you add some documentation explaining what is going on?

I haven't run the tests yet because I didn't create the container entries but a brief look-see and they look fine.

I noted on the imports just because you'll already be in the files, they alone wouldn't be a reason to nack the patch.


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