JR Aquino wrote:
Let me know how it looks now.

Ack, pushed to master. I made one minor change. You had duplicated adding the container for sudocmds to bootstrap-template.ldif but that was trivial enough to fix myself.

Thanks for the huge contribution.

I also added you to the Contributors file and pushed that under the 1-liner rule.


On Sep 27, 2010, at 1:17 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:

A very good first try, just needs a little more work.

You need to create the 3 containers in
install/share/bootstrap-template.ldif so they get created when a server
is installed.


In sudocmd.py you need to:
- remove imports for Flag, Bytes and base64
- Don't define a pre_callback if it isn't doing any work


In sudocmdgroup.py you need to:
- Fix the doc example at the top. It starts with sudocmdgroup examples
then switches to group examples.
- Drop the Int import


In sudorule.py you need to:
- Drop AccessTime and Password from imports


- Should membercmd_sudocmd use the label "Sudo Commands" to be
consistent with Sudo Group Commands?

Done (yes, you are right)

- I'm not entirely sure what you are doing with cn in the dn, can you
add some documentation explaining what is going on?

It was cruft and has been removed.  Was originally there due to confusion about 
how the compat piece was going to work and wasn't sure if the dn would be 
defined by the cn or a different identifier.

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