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Rob Townley <rob.town...@gmail.com> wrote:

> i was just wondering if multicast ssl (or multicast over a vpn such as
> IPsec) has been considered as a way to efficiently replicate
> information from one server to all other servers.  i was specifically
> thinking of multicasting tracking bad password attempts from one
> server to all the other servers.
> i don't know anything about multicast ssl except that IBM worked on it
> in the late 1990's and it was supposed to support reliable transport.
> It may simplify things if all the servers had the same certificate...

Hi Rob,
I didn't know you could do reliable multicasting, do you have any
refernce to an RFC or other document ?

Anyway the main problem would be changing quite drastically the
replication engine. It would also have impact over the replication
topology. Something we should think about, but it's going to be a very
long term thing. The amount of changes required to do something like
that looks quite big.


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