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> Population of the policy and entities tabs.
> DNS and ACI are broken due to Plugin issues
> Fix for entities without search
> Added new files to Makefile.am
> used rolegroup.js file as the start point, renamed to serverconfig.js
> Missed the Makefile.am additions necessary to pick up the .js files
> Fixes an issued with missing pkey for the config page.

I have some comments/questions:

1. The labels of the first level tabs in admin_tab_set are removed.
   Are they being replaced by translated texts from metadata?

2. In _ipa_entity_setup() the 'unspecified' facet will be displayed
   only if it equals 'details'.

   function _ipa_entity_setup(jobj,unspecified) {
     if (facet == 'details') {

   Also, maybe a more appropriate name is 'default_facet'?

3. In policy.js the 'dialog-add-dns' and 'Add New Location'
   are used by automount and pwpolicy:

   ipa_entity_set_add_definition('automountlocation', [
     'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

   ipa_entity_set_add_definition('pwpolicy', [
     'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

   The krbtpolicy doesn't need an add page:

   ipa_entity_set_add_definition('krbtpolicy', [
     'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

4. Password policy details is not working, it returns
   this message:

   GLOBAL: password policy not found

5. Kerberos Ticket Policy & Configuration each has a link to the
   search page (which is not searchable) and the details page
   (which is unnecessary because it's the only page), we need to
   figure out a way not to show them.

6. The HBAC associations don't work, we need to define the
   association using ipa_entity_set_association_definition().

7. DNS & ACI don't work as you already mentioned. The automount
   currently is limited to location.

Should any of these issues be fixed before ACK-ing this patch?

Endi S. Dewata

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