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Population of the policy and entities tabs.
DNS and ACI are broken due to Plugin issues
Fix for entities without search
Added new files to Makefile.am
used rolegroup.js file as the start point, renamed to serverconfig.js

Missed the Makefile.am additions necessary to pick up the .js files

Fixes an issued with missing pkey for the config page.
I have some comments/questions:

1. The labels of the first level tabs in admin_tab_set are removed.
    Are they being replaced by translated texts from metadata?
Yes, that is correct.  The others will need values in internal.py as well.

2. In _ipa_entity_setup() the 'unspecified' facet will be displayed
    only if it equals 'details'.

    function _ipa_entity_setup(jobj,unspecified) {
      if (facet == 'details') {

    Also, maybe a more appropriate name is 'default_facet'?
I came up with unspecified when I discovered that 'default' was a key word in Javascript. I thought unspecified did a good job of explaining that this was the facet to use if it is not specified in the URL params.

3. In policy.js the 'dialog-add-dns' and 'Add New Location'
    are used by automount and pwpolicy:

Cut and paste error.  I'll fix that.
    ipa_entity_set_add_definition('automountlocation', [
      'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

    ipa_entity_set_add_definition('pwpolicy', [
      'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

    The krbtpolicy doesn't need an add page:

    ipa_entity_set_add_definition('krbtpolicy', [
      'dialog-add-dns', 'Add New Location', [

4. Password policy details is not working, it returns
    this message:

    GLOBAL: password policy not found

Hmmm.. Not for me. GLOBAL is the default one, and also should be in the sample data. I'll investigate.
5. Kerberos Ticket Policy&  Configuration each has a link to the
    search page (which is not searchable) and the details page
    (which is unnecessary because it's the only page), we need to
    figure out a way not to show them.

6. The HBAC associations don't work, we need to define the
    association using ipa_entity_set_association_definition().
Not surprised. I wasn't attempting to complete all of the tabs, just to get the main level entries in for the policy and config tab sets. THere is more work to do on several of the entities.

7. DNS&  ACI don't work as you already mentioned. The automount
    currently is limited to location.

Yes. I have a fix in for DNS, and we'll need somthing comparable for ACI. automount and dns have subordinat entities, something we haven't dealt with elsewhere on the site yet.
Should any of these issues be fixed before ACK-ing this patch?
3 and 4 will be fixed before ACK.

Endi S. Dewata

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