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Simo Sorce wrote:

This is some very basic initial localization work for the C tools.
I do not have any translation yet, and creation and merging of .po
and binary files is not yet done. But the clients.pot file is
regularly updated when make is run in the main dir (or make gettext
in the ipa-clients dir).

Fixes trac#186


Nack. As discussed in IRC we are going to use a single po file for
all translations.

Ok, here a revised patch that uses the existing intall/po
infrastructure and generates a single .po file

I took the liberty of converting the Makefile in there to
automatically source .py, c and .h files, and also removed
install/po/Makefile as the Makefile.in is all we need in git I think.


There are several things I'd like to see you address:

1) Please keep the independent list of python and c files potfiles as make variables. This is preferred because:

a) It allows the use of these as explicit make target and dependencies.

b) It permits knowing exactly what these files are and could be dumped out via a trivial make target for debugging and information purposes.

c) It avoids bizarre magic. By letting xgettext find some files and have others explicitly listed you've buried inside some cryptic shell commands both implicit and explicit file lists, the implicit file list being invisible. That's just very hard to maintain and understand.

2) By letting xgettext find the files you've exposed ourselves to corruption. If you happen to have a .py or .c file hanging around in your development tree which is not our git repo you'll embed that bogus file into our pot file.

3) You can address both above issues by doing this. Use a shell command to set the PYTHON_POTFILES & C_POTFILES. That shell command should produce the intersection of the git file list and the language. I will send you a Python script to do this.

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