Pavel Zuna wrote:
On 10/14/2010 12:01 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Pavel Zuna wrote:
This patch adds a check in ldap2 for single-value attributes. DS doesn't
seem to care much about attributes being defined as SINGLE-VALUE except
for things like uidNumber and gidNumber (I suspect this is handled by
the DNA plugin).

Ticket #246


This is similar to ticket 220 which I have a pending patch for (patch
552). I think both patches are valid but we should test them together to
be sure. Can you do that?


I had to NACK your patch number 552, because the check was in the wrong

Both patches overlap in functionality, so I decided to merge them into a
new version of my original patch.

I split the single-value check into two parts:

First part is in baseldap classes (LDAPCreate, LDAPUpdate) and it checks
if we're not trying to add more values to a Param defined attribute,
that is not flagged as multivalue.

Second part is in the ldap2 backend. It checks if we're not trying to
add more values to an attribute, that is defined as SINGLE-VALUE in the
schema. Unfortunately, it seems that python-ldap isn't capable of
reporting the SINGLE-VALUE flag reliably and DS doesn't enforce it at
all. In other words, this check is a bit weak, but still better than

I hope you don't mind I merged both patches, but it seemed simpler and
we can knock out 2 tickets in one commit. :)

Ticket #230
Ticket #246


Ack if you fix 2 things:

1. Change the error message of the exception to match the exception name, 'only one value allowed' instead of 'attribute is single-value' 2. You added a space between desc and info in the DatabaseError exception. The example fails because there is no space after the colon (at least for me, since my editor wipes out trailing white space automatically). Can we either drop the space or add something for info to the example?


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