Dmitri Pal wrote:
Do we plan/need to have a more convenient format? The setattr seems not
I seems it should be something like:
ipa user-mod --login=newlogin oldlogin

But I understand it will affect a lot of CLIs if we do it right for all
Well... may be exactly because of that we should do it sooner rather
than later.

I'm open to suggestions. I asked informally about this morning but we got side-tracked on another discussion and I never did get an answer whether this would be sufficient.

It's easy enough to add this in as an option. The thing is we want this to be a very rare occurrence so making them look for how to do this isn't necessarily a bad thing.



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Subject:        [Freeipa-devel] [PATCH] 582 allow rdn changes
Date:   Mon, 18 Oct 2010 14:57:17 -0400
From:   Rob Crittenden<>
To:     freeipa-devel<>

Allow RDN changes for users, groups, rolegroups and taskgroups.

To do a change right now you have to perform a setattr like:

ipa user-mod --setattr uid=newuser olduser

The RDN change is performed before the rest of the mods. If the RDN
change is the only change done then the EmptyModlist that update_entry()
throws is ignored.

ticket 323


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