Adam Young wrote:
On 10/25/2010 08:23 AM, Ben Dubrovsky wrote:

I'm sympathetic to the argument that Nielsen makes about reset.

One thing to consider, however, is that he's arguing from a point of
view that differentiates applications from web pages -- that when
people are using the web, they are in a different kind of environment
from applications, and therefore, "back" is equivalent to "reset". His
argument relies on the idea that most people will easily and
definitively understand the affordances of the web, vs those of an

I'm not so sure I agree with that. I think we're blurring the line
between web site and application, and our users will be really focused
on their work -- they may be conditioned to think "application" for
LDAP type management, even though the delivery is in a browser.

That said -- I'm OK removing the "reset" button as a device, but would
still like to have the functionality to support the case where a user
says, "Ah - darn. I was looking at the wrong piece of paper, and I
have to start over again quickly."

Yeah. And considering that Back for this would take you to search (most
likely) but not to a blank form, probably doesn't equate. I'm going to
suggest that we spread the buttons out a bit, and get the rest out of
the "good" area of the screen so that it doens't get hit by accident.

I've bee nreading a bit through the history of Nielsen's blog. He has
some interesting points. One that I think is very interesting is his
idea about mege menus:

THere seems to be a pretty good implementation for JQuery, so if we
decided to go that way, it wouldn't be that bad. I think that they would
make our Nav a little bit cleaner, as we kindof make things tricky with
the multi level tabs.

Before we made any changes like that, though, I would like to have some
usability testing done. Is there any way we could co-opt a few people
for, say, 1/2 an hour and run them through doing the bascis, and get
feedback on how easy/hard it is to use our UI? Even if it has been done
before, it hasn't been done with the working product, and I think it
would be even more valuable if those of us on the UI implementation team
could witness it, even if only virtually.

Just some ideas for post 2.0

I think the button should be positioned dynamically so that when the mouse comes within 2 pixels of the button it moves away. After the user chases the button around the screen for a while they'll see the undo links.


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