We've been doing this informally for a while, and I think, if we all agree to the format, it will help keep track of patches, ACKs, and commits.

1.  Patch naming
Example patch name:

Format:  username-project-seq[-update]-description.extension

username:  Your Fedora account name.
project name:   always 'freeeipa'
seq: sequnece number. please try to not skip numbers, as we will use this number to ensure all patches from a given contributor get reviewed. update. If a patch requires modifications and additional prior to submisiion, append a number starting at 2 and increasing by one for each update. Thus, if the above patch required additional changes, the first would be:
    and then

description: This is the first line of the git commit, and should be less than six words long (idealy two or three). git format patch will translate this line into the subject of the patch, with hyphens replacing the whitespace.

extension:  always .patch

2. Patch format:
All patches should be in format to apply with
     'git am'.
This is produced from a git repository using the command
   'git format-patch'

If a patch addresses a ticket in Trac, the second line of the commit should be the URL to track with the Ticket number. For example:

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