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This patch introduces a new framework for implementing custom UI.
It consists of the following classes:

 - IPA: global namespace and object repository
 - ipa_entity: base class for entities
 - ipa_facet: base class for facets

Add dialog:
 - ipa_add_dialog: default add dialog
 - ipa_add_field: the fields used in the dialog

Search facet:
 - ipa_search_facet: default search facet
 - ipa_search_column: the columns in the search result

Details facet:
 - ipa_details_facet: default details facet
 - ipa_details_section: the sections in the details facet
 - ipa_details_field: the fields in the details facet

Association facet:
 - ipa_association_facet: default association facet
 - ipa_association_config: the association configurations

To use this framework, create a class extending the ipa_entity (e.g.
ipa_hbac). Use the create_* methods to create add dialog, search facet,
details facet, and association facet. The fields/columns for the dialog
and facets can be specified using the init() function. Custom UI can be
defined by overwriting the base methods (e.g. setup, save, load).
The entity must be added into the repository using IPA.add_entity().

The original ipa_entity_setup() has been generalized by moving facet-
specific codes into the corresponding facet. Some facet names are still
hard-coded. This will be fixed in follow-up patches.

Some global variables have been removed because their function has been
replaced by the object repository:
 - ipa_entity_add_list
 - ipa_entity_search_list
 - ipa_entity_details_list
 - window_hash_cache

Some functions and variables have been moved into IPA namespace:
 - ipa_json_url -> IPA.json_url
 - ipa_use_static_files -> IPA.use_static_files
 - ipa_ajax_options -> IPA.ajax_options
 - ipa_objs -> IPA.metadata
 - ipa_messages -> IPA.messages
 - ipa_dialog -> IPA.error_dialog
 - ipa_init() -> IPA.init()

Initially the HBAC and Service entities have been rewritten to use the
new framework. The DNS is partially converted, the ipa_records_facet
is used to define custom records facet.

Other entities can still work using the old framework. The old framework
has been modified to be a wrapper for the new framework. Eventually all
entities will be converted to use the new framework.

Some unit tests have been modified to use the new framework.

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