Return reason for failure when updating group membership fails.

We used to return a list of dns that failed to be added. We now return a list of tuples instead. The tuple looks like (dn, reason) where reason is the exception that was returned.

Also made the label we use for failures to be singular instead of plural since we now print them out individually instead of as comma-separated.

$ ipa group-add-member --users=tuser9,tuser1 --groups=g1 g1
   Group name: g1
   Description: g1
   GID: 1332445043
   Member users: tuser1
   Failed members:
     user: tuser9: no such entry
     user: tuser1: This entry is already a member of the group
     group: g1: A group may not be added as a member of itself
Number of members added 0


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