On 11/04/2010 11:42 AM, Endi Sukma Dewata wrote:

Please take a look at the new patch (also attached):


On 11/3/2010 1:59 PM, Adam Young wrote:
Very cool, but suggest we change the term. Would layout perhaps be better?

Renamed that to layout.

add.js line 34: Do we really need accesor like this? There is nothing
wrong with doing modifying the member directly. I see the code at line
62 that delegates it down the tree...I think there is a more
javascript-y way to do this. Look up Javascript accessors.

Now it's using setter/getter for entity_name.

If you are going to change a function header like on associate line
133, go ahead and remove the camel_casing as well. (manyObjPKey) as
you seem to be doing variable cleanup elsewhere.

Line 297, executor takes 7 params, that are all member variables of
"that". Since that.execute is invoked as a method, you can remove
these parameters and instead, internal to executor, refer to them via

Yeah. PLus, with the Bulk plugin, we'll want to change the name of the
bulk associator to something more correct, like single_call versus
bulk_call, and change the serial associator to use the bulk plugin.

I cleaned up the associators. I added a base class, I also combined the adder & deleter (both for serial & bulk) because once the parameters are cleaned up they are actually exactly the same code. We can rename these classes again later if necessary.

Typo line 344: that.member_attrribute


Also: remove the buttons for features that we are not going to implement
this time around
from the top of the page: Troubleshoot, Cull Disabled Rules, And the
TEst Rule link under quick links
You can leave Login SVC and Login Svc Groups , those are coming next,

They are commented out for now, will be added back as we implement them.

Add rule has a rule type field, but no guidance what to fill it in with. I suspect this should be a select. Without knowing what to put in here,
you can't add a rule. At a minimum, lets put in text 'allow or deny'

Fixed. Will open a new ticket for the drop down list.


ACK and pushed to master

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