On 11/8/2010 12:01 PM, Adam Young wrote:

The functionality works, but there are some issues:

1. The JSON files contain some trailing whitespaces.

2. The server seems to be using "true" and "False" for nsaccountlock value. So it might be safer to use case-insensitive comparison or normalize the value using toLowerCase().

3. The title & text variables are declared twice:

    var title = "Active";
    var text = "Active:  Click to Deactivate";
    if (locked) {
        var title = "Inactive";    // remove var
        var text = "Inactive:  Click to Activate";   // remove var

4. As you described on IRC, after enabling/disabling the user the browser goes back to the search page immediately because of several reasons: the update and enable/disable operations aren't likely to be used together, and the server doesn't return the new account status in JSON response. I don't have any objection to this, but the behavior might be unexpected by users. I'd like to see how others think about this.

Endi S. Dewata

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