To sum up where we are overall, and the dependencies.

We have three Entities not yet implemented:

Permissions (ACIs)  - Spec'ed, but waiting on Backend implementation.
SUDO - Not spec'ed, but we can get started based on the HBAC work. Joint effort between edewata and JR Aquino
Automount -- Recommend that we do not do this for  2.0

Broken Entities:

DNS. Right now DNS is unusable, since we don't get effective rights. THat is awating Pavel's work on the DNS plugin. Certificates: Do not work without Dogtag. To get this to work, we need to be able to identify if Dogtag is enabled or not.

Associations: Need multi column support.  Nothinjg blocking this work.
Server side filtering: eg. don't show the groups that a user is already inrolled in. baseldap needs a flag that will state entity & pkey to exclude.

There is a wide array of small detail cleanup work through the site as well. UXD has provided a punch list for a series of clean up work in the WebUI.

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