Thunderbird formatting of patches:

   Thunderbird has a nasty habit of prepending a '>' character to the
   patch, messing up the format. While it is trivial to edit the patch
   by hand to remove it, the patch sender can help out by configuring
   Thurnderbird this way:

   * In Thunderbird Preferences,
   * go to the Advanced->General tab.
   * Select "Config Editor"
   * Search for mail.file_attach_binary and
   * set this value to true

I've added this to the patch format page.

I'm making an effort to keep track of the different patches that are out there and their status, so the more consistent we are, the easier it is to do.

Please make sure at least the patch number is in the title of the email you send out. There are so many patches, that when someone refers to their patch 86 it makes it much faster to go and find that patch.

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