Simo Sorce wrote:
On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 09:00:24 +0100
Jan Zelený<>  wrote:

Rob Crittenden<>  wrote:
This uses an enhanced memberof plugin that allows multiple
attributes to be configured to create memberOf attributes.

This patch requires a new 389-ds-base, 1.2.7. This is currently only
available in updates-testing.

tickets 109 and 110

To validate:

# ipa user-add --first=Jim --last=User juser
# ipa netgroup-add --desc=netgroup net1
# ipa netgroup-add-member --users=juser --hosts=`hostname` net1
# ipa netgroup-show net1 (should have the host and user as members)
# ipa user-show juser (should have Member of netgroups)
# ipa host-show `hostname` (should have Member of netgroups)



Ok pushed to master after rebasing the patch.
Rob please check as one chunk had to be removed. I believe the change
is correct but I prefer you to double-check.


Just to close the loop on thisk, yes your rebase is fine. Thanks.


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