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Please review the attached patch. Thanks!


The enrollment dialog has been modified to use scrollable tables that
supports multiple columns to display the search results and selected
entries. The columns are specified by calling create_adder_column()
on the association facet. By default the tables will use only one
column which is to display the primary keys.

The following enrollment dialogs have been modified to use multiple
 - Group's member_user
 - Service's managedby_host
 - HBAC Service Group's member_hbacsvc
 - SUDO Command Group's member_sudocmd

The ipa_association_table_widget's add() and remove() have been moved
into ipa_association_facet so they can be customized by facet's
subclass. The ipa_table's add_row() has been renamed to add_record().

Some old code has been removed from ipa_facet_create_action_panel().
The code was used to generate association links from a single facet.
It's no longer needed because now each association has its own facet.

The test data has been updated. The IPA.nested_tabs() has been fixed
to return the entity itself if IPA.tab_set is not defined. This is
needed to pass unit test.

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Looks good.  Some nits.

Move the "width: 200px" into the style sheet. We should have a css class that is used for all of the checkbox columns.

Why are the is create_adder_column on the association facet and not the adder object? Shouldn't it be adder.add_column? Remove the parentesis in these and just ue the plural. var header_message = that.other_entity + '(s) enrolled in ' + that.entity_name + ' ' + that.pkey;

That string actually needs to come from the association definition. I realize that these are autogenerated, but the generic word "enrolled" doesn't work for the majority of the associations. For instance, user should say: "groups containing user kfrog". You can use the plural name of the object out of the meta data for the other entity: IPA.metadata[entity].object_name_plural.

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